I am a journalist from London writing for titles including The Times. I have previously worked at publications including CNN and The Daily Telegraph: you can see a small selection of my work either below or by using the menu above right, or by following me on Twitter here.

Recent articles

Inside Pixar: how the giants of animation make a movie, The Times
The first HIV self-test kit could cut late diagnoses, VICE
Social media killed nostalgia, Boston Globe


Please Scotland, don’t break up with England

An ebola reality check

Crowning your seven-year-old a princess?


Meet the female codebreakers of WWII

¬† ¬†Edinburgh Fringe’s best female stand-ups

Poster exhibition marks Mandela’s 95th Birthday

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C’mon Silicon Valley, Ditch the Lazy Lady-Tech

Politicians’ Pelfies

When Sexting Gets Ugly

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Top 10 climate change campaigns

Turning around the life of a child slave

Lessons from the male-dominated world of diplomacy

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images (1)Is Syphilis the New Skinny Jeans?

Hipster Break Up Video Goes Viral

IFP Gotham Awards Ceremony

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What the three women party leaders really want

Social media safety: what should we do?

Interview with The Apprentice winner, Ricky Martin

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Back on the comedy circuit: The funny old men who can still stand up

Review: Jon Richardson

Interview with Fresh Meat’s Charlotte Ritchie

Today is the year’s busiest for online dating

Police officers injured as US brutality demos spread

Politicians embarrassed after ‘feminist’ t-shirt exposed

Animals in West End Theatre

The Amazing Vancetti Sisters Review

Lord of the dunce – interview with Alan Davies

Review: Seize the David O’Doherty

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5 thoughts on “

    1. Me too – so keen to get out there and do something that I KNOW is real! We all joke how Philosophy is such a terrible degree, really not a vocational course at all. Studying at Exeter which is lots of fun – very much Analytic Philosophy. We’re studying Transhumanism this term, which at first was pretty spooky but it’s actually super duper interesting! My dissertation will be a laugh, though – Schopenhauer on normative ethics. Gripping stuff.

  1. Charlotte! It’s Philip from the Blanks. Hey I just read your interview of us (“Firing Blanks”) and may I just say you smashed it. I think that means “really good”. Even though you gave some of my funny lines to Sam.
    But the point is, I thought the interview was fun and excellent and it’s obvious you have wonderful comedic timing. Now, was that you who came up to us in the bar the other day and introduced yourself so personably? If so, I hadn’t read the review yet, so please excuse me if I didn’t gush as much as I would’ve, in retrospect, liked to. Cheers – Philip

    1. Hi Philip – yes, that was me, and please don’t worry about gushing! I’m just glad you enjoyed the piece, I had a lot of fun writing it (and talking to you both, of course). Hope the show is going well thus far and I’m sure I’ll bump into you guys again at some point over the next few weeks! x

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